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App branding & App settings

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MATE offers the possibility to use your own corporate design in the app. This allows you to quickly and individually adapt the design of MATE's Check-In App for guest accreditation. Please note that this is an additional product. If you are interested, please contact us at

App branding in your account for all events

Generally valid corporate design adjustments of your app, which are then valid for all your events, can be made directly on your CMS start page after activation of this additional product.

To do this, go to Account Settings and then open the App Configuration section.

you can adjust the following settings:

  • Action color (color of action fields such as "Search", "Open", "Camera")
  • Background color (background color in the app)
  • Warning (displaying warnings, such as a check-in too much on a particular guest)
  • Logo image URL (you can insert your own logo into the app, which will then be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen)
Color values are assigned by MATE by default. Once you have made and saved color changes, you can restore the values at any time by clicking the "Reset to default values" button. The system automatically performs a color check and displays error messages if the selected color is too dark, for example. Save after each step and reload the app to check your changes.

Expert Mode

If you activate this mode you can personalise your app branding even more. Most color codes are already filled in automatically by the system. These are color codes that match the action and background color selected from the general settings. 

additional options (including direct Check-in)
  • Checking in a guest directly during the QR code scan

If this function is disabled (basic setting), the guest is identified by scanning and displayed in the app. Check-in must then be performed manually.

  • Prevent overcheck-in

Guests who have already checked in cannot be checked in again.

  • Sound during ticket scan
  • Sound at check-in
  • Check-In required Category
  • Warning when leaving an event
  • Automatic Logout
additional design settings
  • Fonts (Standard, Standard Italic, Standard Bold, Standard Bold Italic)
  • Action color Highlight (search, open, camera...)
  • Color of the dividing lines
  • Colors of the navigation bar (font/icon color highlight, font/icon color, background color)
  • Button colors (Standard Button, Green Button, Red Button, Next Button)
NOTE: For more information on how to set up and use the Check-In App, please click here.

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