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Adding deletion rules to automatically delete subscriber data

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With the auto-delete rules function, you can control when and which guest data of your event(s) should be automatically deleted.

Advantage: By deleting specific data, you do not have to delete the entire event. You can still access selected data and statistics of the respective events. Furthermore, you can determine at which point in time (depending on the start or end date of the event) the automatic deletion should take place.

NOTE: In order to create the automatic deletion rule, set it as a default rule and assign it to an event, you need the appropriate role rights. If these are not available, please contact your administrator.

1. create an auto-deletion rule

To do this, go to the Account Dashboard and select Account Settings --> Auto Delete Rules from the menu. to define and create a rule.

Excluded standard attributes:

Here you can define which data (standard attributes) should be excluded from deletion.

Excluded attributes:

Here you can specify which data (beyond the standard attributes) should be excluded from deletion.

Retention period starts from:

Should the start or end date of the event be used as the basis for calculating the deletion date?

Duration of retention period (in days):

How many days before/after the start or end date should the data be deleted?

After you have created a rule, you can use the "Default rule" button to set a rule as the default.

Once you have created a rule, you can set it as the default rule.

NOTE: Only one rule can be set as the default rule at a time.

2. assign the rule(s) to an event

After you have created at least one rule, you can assign it for use in the events.

If a rule has been set as the default rule in advance, it is automatically pre-filled here.

If an alternative rule is to be selected for the event, the user needs the following role right:

You can view or change the selected deletion rule here:

Event menu --> Settings --> Auto delete rule

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