Meetyoo supports or replaces events such as trade fairs/conferences, employee events, career fairs, marketing events, training courses or even live streams. Together with "ubivent", the event location is recreated so that the guest can move around in it virtually and completely free. 

In addition, Meetyoo offers the possibility to hold audio events, webcasts and business meetings via telephone or web.

 How does Meetyoo work?

You will receive access data to your conference room immediately after booking.

You can then start a telephone conference at any time (with or without web conference). It is no longer necessary to book in advance, as the conference room is available around the clock.

What will Meetyoo cost me?

Meetyoo offers different pricing structures per feature. Here is an example regarding the AudioEvent function: 


You can find further information regarding the price structures here. 

Is Meetyoo DSGVO compliant?

To the Meetyoo privacy policy.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Zoom compared to other tools?



- Live-chat

- Desktop App for Windows PC only

Our opinion

The web conferencing tool born in Berlin impresses with its easy handling and the fact that no software installation is necessary. Meetyoo is also suitable for webinars or web events and is offered as a flat or flex rate. We say: thumbs up!

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