Quickstart - Create your MATE Entry event quickly

This Walk Through Guide helps you step by step from creating the event to the evaluation, nothing to forget.

Start with MATE

MATE always has the same structure in the overview.

  • Search - searches the entire record
  • Green button - Configuration (create something)
  • Select action - Selection options (active only after selection of at least one data record)
  • Settings - User settings (admin only)
  • Column selection - selection of all available attributes to show or hide
  • Refresh button - update entries
  • Table with the entries (tile view option for events)- All entries with their information are listed here

The table in the overview:

  • Columns - Information or Attributes
  • Actions - Duplicate, edit, or delete event
You can drag and drop each column to any position you like and thus personalize your CMS overview. 

Create an event

You will find this option under: 

CMS Overview > "+ Create event"

To create a new event, click on the green button "+ Create event". You then have the possibility to select or enter basic information about your event.

  1. Select your license: entry*
  2. Give your event a name
  3. Select the language of the event**
  4. Select the date for the start and end of your event
  5. Click on "Create".

*The license depends on the option you have booked.

**You can choose between German and English.

Within the CMS overview of a specific event there are three more buttons.

  • Import - Excel file Import of guest information
  • Evaluation - export of guest information of all guests
  • Configuration - This is where emails and web pages are created and other configurations are made*.

*Please note that you cannot configure emails or websites within the Entry license. 

For more information please visit our support article.

>>> Create a new event

Create guest distribution list

You will find this option under: Select Event > Import

Import Guest List

In order to use your distribution list, it is important in the first step to determine which information should be stored for each guest. To communicate with your guests, you usually need at least the guest's first and last name, salutation and email address. It is possible to store as much information (attributes) as you like. Attributes are all information that belongs to a guest. You can freely determine and name them. Each column in your Excel list is assigned by the MATE system as an individual attribute and can be transferred if desired. For example, if you want to assign a seat to your guests, the appropriate attribute could be called "Seat".

You can download an Excel template to import your personal distribution list here. You can also use your existing Excel guest list (except CSV files). Please note that in this case the first row contains the column caption or already the first guest.  

For more information please visit our support article.

>>> Excel guest import.

With our attribute "Categories" you can easily segment your distribution list (also in color). In addition to this attribute, the app also has a status bar that tells you how many guests of individual categories are already at the event.

After selecting your Excel file, the master information on your guests is queried and checked. The system automatically recognizes your column caption and assigns it to master attributes if possible. 

You can manage further, own attributes in the third import step. Here you can not only decide which of your attributes are to be imported, but also define a visibility in the app.

Add a single guest

Besides the import of guest lists you have the possibility to add guests individually. 

  1. Click on "+ Create guest".
  2. Enter all relevant information about the guest*
  3. "Create" saves the input

*Please note that the first & last name as well as the salutation and email address should be at least available.

Within each guest overview, you can also create/view accompanying persons and check the guest's check-ins.

Further Configuration

You will find this option under: 

Select Event > Configuration

You have the possibility to make further settings for your event. For detailed information on attributes and the segmentation by categories, please visit the corresponding support websites.

>>> Create attributes

>>> Categories of your guests


You can find the MATE Guest List App in the Apple App Store at: MATE Guest List

The MATE App ensures fast and efficient accreditation of your guests at the event location. 

Number of devices for check-in

MATE recommends using 1 device per 100-150 guests. However, this is only a guide value. Basically, the number of devices required depends on the entrance situation and the frequency of the arriving guests. Do your guests arrive bundled in a very short time window or does the accreditation extend over a longer period of time? 

Before the start of the event

Before the event begins, please ensure that all devices have sufficient battery power and are equipped with the latest version of the MATE Guest List App. You can find the latest version in the App Store under "MATE Guest List". For security reasons, you should secure the unlocking of your devices by entering a code. If you use one of our rental devices, we will take over the configuration for you! 

Network connection

In principle, the accreditation of guests works perfectly, even if the equipment is offline. Only for the synchronisation an internet connection is mandatory. To ensure that you can always call up the latest figures for your accreditation, please connect all devices to the Internet. 

The devices synchronize themselves independently every 1-2 minutes. Between the synchronization intervals, the individual devices may have different check-in numbers. To display the most recent number, press the "Refresh" button (circular arrow) once. 

Check-In with the MATE App

With the help of the MATE App, a stress-free and quick accreditation of your guests is guaranteed directly on site at the event date. Accreditation can be done online and offline. However, you need an Internet connection at least once when logging in and downloading your event. It is possible to define a user in the user settings (only admins) for your check-in, who only has app usage rights. To use the app, proceed as follows.

  1. Login with your MATE user name
  2. Select the event
  3. Start with the check-in of the guests

You have the possibility to find and check in the guests using the search function. To check in the guests, proceed as follows.

  1. Find the guest using the intelligent, dynamic search function
  2. Click on Check in Guest

You also have the option to create additional guests or edit guests at any time. The status bar shows you at a glance all guests and their segmentation into categories.

For more information please visit our support article.

>>> The MATE App.

Log out after the event

To be on the safe side, please make sure that you log out of the MATE application for all devices after the event. In addition, the MATE App has an autologout function that automatically logs the device out after one hour of non-use. 

If you checked in offline mode, you should go online with the MATE app after the event and use the Refresh button to synchronize your data with the MATE system. Log in with the same user who performed the check-in.


You will find this option under: 

Select event > Evaluation

Overview/key figures

With the key figures overview you have a quick overview of your number of guests with accompanying persons as well as their feedback situations and check-ins. If you have limited the number of registrations / confirmations for your event, the corresponding field will be marked red when the maximum number is reached.

You can also track your feedback and no-show quota at a glance. The no-show quota tells you how many guests were present at your event in relation to your confirmations. This evaluation always refers to the guests or selection you have chosen. 

  • Select your guests or the guest segment
  • The evaluation adapts automatically

Evaluation of the guest data in Excel

You have the possibility to download an evaluation in Excel at any time. You can select all attributes as you wish. To access the evaluation, proceed as follows.

  1. Click on Evaluation
  2. Select all the attributes you want to have in your evaluation
  3. Click on Start Export

Alternatively, you can also have only certain guests or guest segments evaluated. To evaluate only a selection of guests, proceed as follows.

  1. Select the guests or guest segments
  2. Click Select Action
  3. Choose Export Guest Data
  4. Select all the attributes you want to have in your evaluation
  5. Click on Start Export
The attribute "External ID" can be used, for example, if you want to export guest data from your own CRM system and re-import it after the event.

For more information please visit our support article.

>>> Export guest data.

For all further information on how to use our software and answers to common questions, please consult our support website at https://support.mateforevents.com.

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