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The use of placeholders outside the HTML-Editor

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In addition to the HTML-Editor (continuous text), you can also use the function of the dynamic placeholder outside the text areas in the respective headings of the e-mail/web page generator and similar text fields.

Further information on the HTML-Editor can be found here.

How does a placeholder work?

A placeholder corresponds to a specific event or guest information. This means that each placeholder is linked to a corresponding content, such as the event name, the first and last name or also to the attributes created in the event, such as the company. By inserting these placeholders, the associated information is recognised by the system and dynamically replaced with the corresponding content in your email or website.

Which placeholders are available to me?

placeholder event

placeholder guest

placeholder links

Event name: {{event_name}}

Event location: {{event_location}}

Event start datetime: {{event_start_datetime}}

Event start date: {{event_start_date}}

Event start time: {{event_start_time}}

Event end date: {{event_end_date}}

Event end time {{event_end_time}}

Guest name: {{guest_name}}

Guest first name: {{guest_first_name}}

Guest last name: {{guest_last_name}}

generated salutation (from salutation generator): {{generated_salutation}}

Guest entourage count: {{guest_entourage_count}}

Guest entourage names: {{guest_entourage_names}}

maximum Guest entourage count: {{guest_max_entourage_count}}

Guest E-Mail: {{guest_email}}

Guest invitation status: {{guest_invitation_state}}

Guest invitation-ID: {{guest_invitation_id}}

Guest ticket-ID: {{guest_ticket_id}}

Guest category: {{guest_category}}

Guest comment: {{guest_comment}}

Guest link invitation: {{invitation_edit_url}}

Guest link invitation accept: {{invitation_accept_url}}

Guest link invitation decline: {{nvitation_decline_url}}  

Link to the virtual event: {{virtual_event_url}}

NOTE: For all attributes where the _id command is used, the concrete ID of the desired attribute must be used. This ID can be found in the event menu: Guests --> Attributes. Just click on the desired attribute and the ID will be visible.
How do I use a placeholder?

The desired placeholder (command) is inserted in the heading(s) and the change(s) is (are) then saved. In our example we use the event name [ {{event_name}} ] which is automatically inserted in the invitations.

NOTE: For technical reasons, the placeholder function cannot be used in e-mail subject lines.

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