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The invitation- and ticket code

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In the following, the function and use of invitation and ticket codes will be defined and the generation of the individual codes explained.

What is an invitation code and what is it used for?

The invitation code is generated automatically if you invite exclusively by email. If you want to invite by mail, it has to be generated manually before. This personalized six-digit code is printed on the invitation together with the domain, so that the guest will find a personalized (pre-filled) registration form after entering the code on the registration page.

What is a ticket code and what is it used for?

If you don't want to invite your guests digitally but just want to send the ticket for the check in on site by post, you generate the ticket code and print it on the postal ticket.

A ticket code is automatically generated by the system as soon as a guest accepts the invitation on the website and receives a confirmation including a QR code. Alternatively, a unique ticket code can also be imported beforehand during the guest's Excel import.

The ticket code must be issued as a QR code before check-in. You can do this for example with the Online QR Code Generator. If you have several codes, you can also use the Online Bulk QR Code Generator.

Generating invitation and ticket codes in the CMS

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