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New releases / Updates

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WebApp Release 2.11.9 15.08.2021
  • New actions-dialog for quick access of functionality from Account Hub cards
  • New actions-dialog for quick access of functionality from Event Hub/Dashboard for emails / webpages

WebApp release 2.11.0 20.07.2021
  • The new Web/Mail Builder has been released

WebApp release - Virtual Event Platform 2.0.14 - 12.07.2021
  • Integration of the tool VOTR
WebApp release - Virtual Event Platform 2.0.13 - 22.06.2021
  • The module "Conference" has been renamed to "Zoom Sessions"
  • The module "Teams" was renamed to "External Sessions / Teams"

WebApp release 2.10.6 - 06.06.2021
  • Customers who have booked the "Virtual Event Platform" feature can now create a Virtual Event Platform themselves using the "Virtual Event Page" template.

WebApp release - Virtual Event Platform 2.0.11 - 03.06.2021
  • The header image can now be responsively resized for viewing on mobile devices. (Under Title & Corporate Design -> uncheck "Change image size").
  • The counter has a revised design that corresponds to the speaker module. The settings for the counter can now be found in the "Title & Corporate Design" section.
  • Web Sessions: Up to 10 teams (or other links) sessions can be created.
  • The Saysom integration has been optimised (the name of the guest is taken over directly).

WebApp release 2.10.4 30.05.2021
  • The mail dispatch check has been improved. Sending is now only possible in active events. Exception: Five or fewer guests are selected (test dispatch remains guaranteed).
  • Added permissions for Excel import --> possibility to withdraw this right from the user.

WebApp release 2.10.3 25.05.2021
  • The generated URLs for the Virtual Event Platform now contain the term "virtual" instead of "reception" in the path.

WebApp release 2.10.1 - 17.05.2021
  • Statistics in the tile view are now also displayed for large events.
  • The specification of a placeholder for virtual events can now be specified in a link button.

WebApp release 2.10.0 - 09.05.2021
  • Guest change import possible (if a guest is recognised as a duplicate by name, email or external ID, the existing guest can be updated)
  • Zoom meetings / webinars can now be easily added to the Virtual Event Platform using the link. The MATE account no longer needs to be connected to Zoom.

WebApp release 2.9.8 - 27.04.2021
  • The demo account login and password reset mails are now also available in English (depending on browser language)

WebApp release 2.9.2 - 30.03.2021
  • The new IHK EVA / ESS mail campaign integration is now enabled for all permitted customers

WebApp release 2.9.0 - 22.03.2021
  • Activation of a confirmation window for direct acceptances and cancellations on the registration page to avoid email spam checks
  • The Virtual Event Platform can now be tested without time restriction by guests using the new checkbox category "Virtual Event Platform Review Mode"
  • Spaces at the beginning/end of email addresses are automatically removed when adding guests through the guest creation window

WebApp release 2.8.9 - 14.03.2021
  • The general limit of guest attributes is now free for all users (before only BETA users)
  • For guest attributes you can now also set limits for single values
  • Guest attributes screen has a slightly adjusted design with help texts

WebApp release 2.8.4 - 15.02.2021
  • Added new feature selection (checkout / anonymous escorts) for the create/duplicate event process.
  • The possibility of entering named and anonymous accompanying persons in an event was removed. This has greatly simplified the user interface.

WebApp release 2.8.2 - 07.02.2021
  • Robots.txt for customer domains now allows indexing of public pages

WebApp release 2.8.1 - 06.02.2021
  • When connecting Zoom Meetings, the password is saved so that you no longer have to enter a password in the Virtual Event page (when a Zoom Meeting is created, it is still created with waiting room only).
  • The columns in the external guest import (EVA / ZAM) can now be shown or hidden.
  • In the web page preview for a guest, it is now possible to select between the registration page and the virtual event page

WebApp release 2.8.0 - 02.02.2021
  • Guest Import and EVA Export windows are now resizable and have been made clearer
  • Possibility to create event overview pages that only show events of certain visibility groups or tags
  • An internal description can now be stored for the event overview pages, so that different overview pages can be distinguished from each other

WebApp release 2.7.20 - 25.01.2021
  • Checkbox click in the table now works in the whole box

WebApp release 2.7.19 - 25.01.2021
  • Note text in the registration form (already "answered") improved and adapted

WebApp release 2.7.15 - 14.12.2020
  • There is a new, prettier selection box for a few new screens

WebApp release 2.7.14 -14.12.2020
  • The action field has been rearranged and has received more colours (e.g. the dropdown field when selecting several guests).

iOS App release: 1.11.0 - 16.11.2020
  • Checkout functionality is supported
  • You can now search the event list (by simply dragging the table downwards or scrolling upwards).
  • You can now display only those guests who have confirmed their attendance.
  • You can set in the app configuration that you cannot over-check in guests (i.e. check them in more often than they are allowed to come).
  • You can activate an auto-check-in via the app configuration, which automatically checks in a guest when the QR code is scanned.

WebApp release: 2.7.8 - 16.11.2020

WebApp release: 2.7.1 - 26.10.2020
  • Check-ins can be added or removed from several guests via batch editing (Select guests -> Action - > Check-ins), if you want to add guests later.
  • The guest attribute is now visible to all users in the guest edit dialogue. This is needed, for example, to use the attributes per {{guest_attribute_[ID]}} in one's e-mails / web pages.

WebApp release: 2.7.0 - 19.10.2020
  • Chat function implemented - users can chat with our support team by clicking on "Help" in the WebApp.
  • Helpful icons have been added to the CalendarView

WebApp release: 2.6.8 - 12.10.2020
  • Profile management by the user (with password reset / zoom link)
  • Zoom service management in the user profile
  • Linking of account attributes with event creation
  • The event view (tiles, list, etc.) in which the user was last located is saved for the user.
  • The e-mail campaign is now also displayed in the e-mail log

WebApp release: 2.6.6 - 23.09.2020
  • Token variables (placeholders) can be inserted in all areas of the website

WebApp release: 2.6.4 - 13.09.2020
  • Guest checkins can be exported

WebApp release: 2.6.2 - 27.08.2020
  • Event calendar enabled for all accounts
  • All options can now be selected with the click of a button in the Event Copy dialogue box
  • Email wizard subject field extends to full length

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