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The form field

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In the following you will be introduced to what form fields are and how to create new form fields within the web page configuration. Form fields are often used within the registration form on your website.


Form fields are simple fields that request guest information within the registration form on your website (except for intermediate texts & buttons). Form fields already suggested by the system on your website are, for example, the fields for requesting the first and last name.

All form elements of the registration form are linked to attributes. A link to an attribute is created for each form field. (Except intermediate texts & buttons)

Create a new form field

An overview of all existing form fields is displayed within the Web Page Generator under the step "Registration Form".


Here you can see the following information:

  • the field type (for example, is it a text field, a drop-down selection or a button)
  • the field information (i.e. the name of the form field, the attribute linked to it and the information whether it is a mandatory field or not)
  • the width (the size of the form field on the website) 

Furthermore, you have the option to create new form fields for the registration form on your website within this overview.


As a form field is always linked to an attribute, as mentioned above, the system first asks to which attribute the new field should be linked. You can use an existing attribute or create a new one. In our case we want to work with the already existing attribute "Company".


The next step is to define the input field type (is it a text field, an e-mail field or a date or time?), the heading (caption above the form field) and the placeholder text (text that appears directly in the form field as long as it has not yet been filled in by the guest). Please note that the input field type, the input mode and the width are mandatory fields that have to be filled in before the new form field can be created.


The input mode when creating a form field

The input mode of a form field determines the extent to which the content of the field can later be changed by the guest within the registration form on the website.


There are 3 options for the input mode:

  • Field editable
  • Field locked (except when empty)
  • Field deactivated / grayed out

The most frequently chosen option is "Field editable", as this allows guests to enter information in the field or to change and adapt pre-entered information individually.

If the form field contains pre-filled information and you do not want your guests to be able to change it, but only want it to appear for viewing in the registration form, select the option "Field locked (except when empty)". Then the guest cannot make any individual changes to the form field unless the field is empty.


You send a personalised invitation to a specific company (Max Mustermann AG) and want to make sure that only one employee of this company appears at the event. You can assign information to the form field "Company" in advance and lock the field so that the company "Max Mustermann AG" cannot be changed during registration. If a guest then registers for the event, he can see the field "Company" in the registration form, but cannot manually change the pre-filled information "Max Mustermann AG".

For queries which, for example, have a limited availability and the available capacity has already been reached, select the status "Field deactivated/greyed out". This means that this option is no longer offered in the selection, but appears greyed out.

Move form fields

After finishing all information of the form field you can create it by clicking the button "Create". It now appears in the overview of the web form fields of the registration form within the Web Page Generator. You can move the newly created form field to the desired position by drag & drop.


In the preview you can now see that your newly created form field "Company" appears on your login page:


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