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Everything remains different - The new email and website generator

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MATE has the ambition to constantly improve. We want to provide you with a product that you can use in an innovative and self-explanatory way. To make the creation of emails and websites even easier, MATE has revised and improved the webpage and email builder.

What's new?

  • The menu bar is now on the left and all menu areas are visible and selectable.
  • A clearer, summarised display of the individual module areas (menu areas) --> no more "endless scrolling".
  • A preview image function has been added to all areas where images and logos can be inserted.

NOTE: These innovations are only a first step. We are already working on a completely new builder.
NOTE: The content and functionality of the individual module areas are not affected by these changes. You can continue to create your e-mails and websites as usual.

Examples Website Builder

Examples Email Builder

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