Linking the MATE Event Reception with Zoom

To include a Zoom Meeting within a web session, you have to link your MATE account with your Zoom account once. How to do this is explained below.

Prerequisite: You have an active zoom account.

1.1 To do this, open the "Conference" module on the reception page, scroll to the Workshop area and click on the green pencil icon.
1.2 A pop-up window then opens.
1.3 After pressing the button "Sign In" you will be redirected to Zoom to log in at Zoom.
1.4 Provided the login was successful, you will receive this request for authorization:
1.5 When the authorization is confirmed, the selected zoom account is linked to the MATE reception page.

1.6 Select Refresh and then close the window.

From now on your Zoom Account is linked to MATE and you can easily embed your web sessions.

Of course you can also undo an existing link between Zoom and MATE. The deactivation (deinstallation) is done completely via your Zoom account. How you proceed is explained in the following steps.

Under the menu item "App Marketplace" within your Zoom Account you will find the overview "Installed Apps

Link to the overview Installed Apps

Here you see all programs you have linked with Zoom.

A window will then open to query the reason for the uninstallation.

2.2 Please select a reason and press the Uninstall button again.

Afterwards a small message should appear, that the uninstallation was successful and the app should no longer appear in the overview.

NOTE: In principle, a link or deactivation is possible as often as required. The link is always made for the respective user who is logged in to the account and performs the process. If the user is stored in different accounts, the deactivation is automatically applied to all accounts of the user. A new link must be created for each account individually.

More information about Event Reception and the storage of Zoom meetings can be found in the article Linking the MATE Event Reception with Zoom.

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