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Administrator's Guide to Setting Up Your MATE Account

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Welcome to MATE!

In order to be able to optimally adapt MATE to your conditions and wishes, we have compiled a guide for you.

Please go through the individual steps point by point. Should there still be any uncertainties regarding the set-up and adjustment of your MATE account, you are welcome to contact us via chat (weekdays, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.) through your MATE account or by email to

1. General account settings

To manage your account settings, open the 'Account settings' function on the start page in the web app:

As an admin, you can easily customise your account data (name, company, contact details).

The Event Reception page feature allows you to integrate Zoom Web Sessions directly into the Event Reception. Advantage: The guest does not need a Zoom account or a Zoom app to attend this event. Furthermore, several Zoom events can be offered in parallel, so that the guest can easily switch from one event to another.

In order to be able to integrate Zoom Events, you must link your Zoom account with your MATE account once.

To do this, open the "Settings" menu in your account in the user profile and click the "Link to Zoom" button and follow the further instructions.

Detailed information on linking MATE with Zoom can be found here.

3. Create and change users

As an admin, you can create new users with roles and correspondingly different usage rights within the account settings. The admin assigns the user name of the new user and enters an e-mail address. Whether the user receives his password manually or can set it himself is up to the admin. Furthermore, you can deactivate users who should no longer have access to your account. 

With the option to de-/activate your user, you can immediately withdraw the user rights. Simply open the corresponding user (by clicking on the user or on the pencil icon) and check or uncheck 'User activated'.

Further information on the user area can be found here.

4. Create your own user roles

In addition to the predefined roles of administrator, standard user and app user, you can add further roles for which you can determine the rights of the individual function levels. Here you can fall back on the roles already defined and adapt them or create a completely self-defined role. You can then easily add the role to the respective user.

Further information on user roles can be found here.

5. Create visibility groups (Enterprise licence only)

Currently, the visibility groups are set up via MATE. If you are interested, please contact our MATE support at 

​The Visibility Groups feature allows users and events within a MATE account to be assigned to one or more groups (e.g. departments). This feature allows users with more than one group to access all authorised groups with only one user name. As an administrator, you have access to all visibility groups and events in order to maintain control at all times, and you can also add visibility groups yourself (provided that MATE has granted you this right in advance).

The account structure of the visibility groups allows you to assign permissions and thus restrict or extend visibilities.​

For more information on the Visibility Groups feature, click here.

5.1 Assigning a user to a visibility group

Within the user settings, you can determine whether a user is assigned to one, several or no specific visibility group. If at least one group is not selected, the user can see all events of the account.

As soon as you have saved the change, the user is assigned to the selected visibility group and will only be shown the events of this group.

5.2 Assigning an event to a visibility group

Events can only be assigned to authorised groups. If a user is assigned to several visibility groups, he/she must select the group for which the event is to be visible when creating an event. Multiple selection is possible in order to grant access to several groups (departments). Similar to the assignment of users, you can make this setting directly when creating a new event or when editing an event. Further information on creating a new event can be found here.

6. Commission own domain & e-mail

MATE allows you to store multiple website domains and multiple sender email addresses within your account.

6.1 Website domain

We integrate the MATE registration page (landing page) on our web server under your own domain or sub-domain.

The setup and hosting of the domain(s) is done by MATE.

In preparation for this, your domain must be linked to in the DNS with a CNAME (for a sub-domain e.g. or ALIAS / ANAME (for a root domain e.g.

MATE will gladly take over the acquisition of a new domain for you. In this case, please check the availability of the desired domain. Please now inform us of the domain and the responsible technical contact person.

Further information on domain setup can be found here.

6.2 Own e-mail

By default, MATE has a stored sender e-mail address that is used for sending e-mails:

After creating new sender email addresses, you can access all the addresses stored in your account and select and use them for each event.

E-mails are sent from MATE via the European cloud mail service Mailjet and its SMTP server.

In order for MATE to be able to set up a new sender address (via Mailjet), as a customer, please first inform our MATE support team of your desired e-mail address. In the next step, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail from Mailjet, which will be sent to verify and authorise the new e-mail address. Please forward this to the MATE Support Team ( so that MATE can confirm the link.

You can find more information on the topic of "own e-mail address" here.

7. Create attributes across accounts

MATE allows you to create attributes across accounts. The attributes are entered once and can then be used for all future events across accounts.

7.1 Create attributes

To do this, please go to Account Settings ---> Guest Attributes in the menu area on the left.

The creation follows the same principle as for guest attributes for a specific event (see section "Creating an attribute manually")

7.2 Automatic registration for new events

If a new event is created, the cross-account guest attributes are automatically applied to this event in addition to the master attributes. You can easily check this in the menu area Guests ---> Attributes.

8. Create an auto-deletion rule

With the auto-delete rules function, you can control when and which guest data of your event(s) should be automatically deleted.

Advantage: By deleting specific data, you do not have to delete the entire event. You can still access selected data and statistics of the respective events. Furthermore, you can determine at which point in time (depending on the start or end date of the event) the automatic deletion should take place.

To do this, go to the Account Dashboard and select Account Settings --> Auto Delete Rules from the menu. to define and create a rule.

Excluded standard attributes:

Here you can define which data (standard attributes) should be excluded from deletion.

Excluded attributes:

Here you can specify which data (beyond the standard attributes) should be excluded from deletion.

Retention period starts from:

Should the start or end date of the event be used as the basis for calculating the deletion date?

Duration of retention period (in days):

How many days before/after the start or end date should the data be deleted?

After you have created a rule, you can use the "Default rule" button to set a rule as the default.

Once you have created a rule, you can set it as the default rule.

NOTE: Only one rule can be set as the default rule at a time.

You can find more information on the topic "Auto delete rule" here.

9. App branding (corporate design) & function settings

MATE offers the possibility to use your own corporate design in the app. This allows you to quickly and individually adapt the design of the MATE check-in app for guest accreditation.

In standard mode you can already

  • the action colour (colour of the action fields such as "Search", "Open", "Camera")
  • the background colour (background colour in the app)
  • customise warnings (display of warnings, such as a check-in too much on a particular guest)
  • and add your own logo (which is displayed in the lower right-hand area of the screen).

These adjustments are usually already sufficient to make the check-in app appear in your corporate design.

In expert mode, you can make design settings (fonts and colours) as well as function settings (see framed area) for your check-in app.

You can access the menu via "account settings ---> app configurations".

For more information on app branding, click here.

10. Devices for on-site check-in

For on-site check-in, you need mobile devices that must be iOS compatible, as we currently offer the MATE check-in app exclusively via Apple iOS. You can use either an iPad or an iPhone for check-in.

In addition, it is possible to connect a Bluetooth label printer to the iOS device via hotspot, for example to print name labels during check-in.

10.1 Equipment recommendations
  • Apple iPad Mini (latest generation)

Application: MATE Guest List free of charge in the Apple AppStore

  • Brother Labelprinter QL-820NWB

A rechargeable battery is optionally available. This means that there is no need for electricity on site and cables are a thing of the past.

  • mobile Hotspot TP-Link M7650 or newer

Supports numerous devices simultaneously and is powerful. MATE uses 2GB SIM cards, which are perfectly sufficient for using MATE. As long as you use internal Wi-Fi without exception, the hotspot is not absolutely necessary.

10.1.1 Rent equipment

You can order the required equipment from us as

  • Printer setup package (1 iPad Mini, 1 Brother label printer, 1 Hot Spot incl. SIM card) or as
  • Single devices (iPads Mini)

for your event period. Here we work together with the provider Zirgon. The company delivers the required hardware pre-configured to the desired delivery address and also collects the equipment there again.

For further information on commissioning and costs, please contact our Customer Success Team at

10.1.2 Configure your own devices

You can also purchase and configure the devices yourself.

You can download the MATE guest list application free of charge from the Apple App Store. After downloading, you can log in with your access data and start directly.

Depending on the model, the label printer must be connected to the iOS device and the print function must be activated in your account in advance. You can find out how to activate the print function and set up the hardware setup in the following articles.

The print settings

Setting up a printer setup

11. Create and use templates (emails and websites) (Enterprise licence)

MATE sets up email and website templates for you. With the right template in your corporate design, your users can configure your event even faster and more efficiently. The templates already contain fill values, such as the logo or your main colour. These settings can be invisible if required, so that replacement/deletion is not possible.

In order for us to be able to create your templates according to your wishes, it is necessary that you create an event with at least one email and one website in raw form (without event content). From this event, we generate the email template(s) and website template(s) for you. Of course, you can also create different e-mails and websites if you want more than one template.

We create up to four e-mail templates (Simple, Classic, Modern and LA LUNA) for your account. These design templates are pre-filled with your desired values, i.e. your main colour, the logo, a standard header image (backup), your desired details in the footer incl. links to the imprint and the privacy policy of your website. All details remain visible and can therefore be changed, but can also be "hidden" if required.

We also create up to three templates for the website. The templates do not differ in design for the website. In contrast to the email templates, these contain more or fewer modules depending on the template. You can choose between Tiny, Basic, Advanced and Complete. As a rule, we set up a Complete template for you, so that you always have the option of using all modules. You can find more information about the registration pages here.

TIP: Set up your own event templates. To do this, create a new event and name it, for example, SAMPLE EVENT - PLEASE DUPLICATE. Set the date far into the future so that it is always displayed at the top of the overall view. Now create frequently used attributes, categories, e-mails and Apple Wallet as well as the web page with form in a way that makes sense for your organisation. Then your users can use this event as a template and always use the same defaults by simply copying all the settings. Always keep a copy of this under the visibility group Administrator to prevent possible accidental changes by your users. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with this. We will be happy to advise you.

12. Publishing Package (Enterprise licence)

The publishing package consists of the event overview page and the tagging of events, which can be used on the event overview pages.

Optionally, MATE provides a Publishing Package Plus for you. Here you can integrate several independently operating event overview pages. If you are interested, please contact the s Customer Success Team at

12.1 Implement event overview page in your website

The event overview offers you the possibility to list events in your website in a simple way. The easiest way is to integrate the MATE JavaScript client into your page. Only a little knowledge of HTML and CSS is required for the integration and adaptation. Alternatively, the event overview can also be queried and processed via a REST interface in JSON format. Detailed information about the facility can be found here.

You can obtain your personal "Data-Account-ID", which you need for implementation via HTML, from our MATE Customer Success Team at
12.2 Create and use event tags in your account

With the help of tags, your events can be segmented - and for example filtered on your event overview page - according to specific areas of interest (tags).

To be able to create tags, please log into the web app and click on account settings --> event tags in the menu bar on the left. Here you can add as many individual tags as you like via the button "create event tags".

Once the tags have been created in the account, you can now tag your event. You can find this setting either when creating a new event or under the event settings. You will find the selection in the drop-down menu under Tags. Changes are possible at any time.

Now just save the changes and the tags are attached to your event. Now, for example, it can be read out via the interface using tags and automatically grouped on your event overview page.

13. Add interfaces / API (Enterprise licence)

MATE provides an HTTP REST JSON interface for connectivity.The interface provides options to bulk import guests; read, create, modify and delete guests; read, create, modify and delete events; access an event overview; connect to the registration page, among others. API documentation and access to the interface for testing can be provided upon request. Furthermore, it is possible to connect alternative interfaces to MATE. For specific enquiries, please contact the Customer Success Team at

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