Tips & Tricks

The use of placeholders outside the HTML-Editor

The dynamic placeholder function can also be used in text areas outside the HTML editor. How to use these placeholders is explained here.

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CSS & Java Scripts for website customisation

This article describes how you can use CSS & Java Script to design the registration pages.

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The reduction of the spam probability of my emails

When sending e-mails, it is very important that your customers receive the e-mails sent - such as an invitation to an event or a subsequent confirmation e-mail with the corresponding QR code - in per…

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Pictures from my email are not displayed (correctly)

In the following we have compiled some reasons and suggested solutions for what you or your customers can do if the images in the e-mails are not displayed.

Christian Schulz
Updated 1 year ago by Christian Schulz

Youtube livestream

Sollten Sie einen Vortrag für beliebig viele Zuschauer streamen wollen, ist dies sehr einfach per Youtube Livestreams möglich. Es besteht die Möglichkeit, einen Livestream aus MATE heraus zu starten.

Matija Vojvodic
Updated 3 months ago by Matija Vojvodic

The HTML-Editor

With the HTML editor it is possible to edit texts of e-mails and websites individually. Here you will be explained how to use these functions.

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Customize headlines and text with HTML

Using various HTML commands, it is possible to customize text areas that do not have an HTML editor. Here we explain how this works.

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Duplicate event and use as template

If this function is activated in your system, you can quickly duplicate each event and individually determine which properties of the original event should be adopted.

Updated 1 year ago by Maxi

Duplicating e-mails and save time

You can easily duplicate existing e-mail templates in MATE with a simple command. This allows you to quickly create a copy of an existing template.

Christian Schulz
Updated 1 year ago by Christian Schulz

Insert stock photos into emails

In this article you will learn how you can easily upload high quality free images to your email campaigns.

Matija Vojvodic
Updated 10 months ago by Matija Vojvodic

Create E-mail invitation for a series of events

The following instructions will help you to continue inviting your guests personally with pre-filled forms to series of events by e-mail. For this purpose we have created some short videos.

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