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Quickstart - Create your MATE Complete event quickly

This Walk Through Guide supports you from A-Z in creating a Complete event.

Updated 1 year ago by Maxi

Event status – Draft, Active and Archived Events

In this article we explain how you can change the status of your events and how you can manage your events more easily.

Updated 9 months ago by Maxi

The event overview

The overview page is the start page of your account, which shows all your events created in MATE.

Updated 1 month ago by Maxi

The field of action

Using the action field, you can quickly and easily perform the most important actions for one or more selected guests or for entire events.

Updated 10 months ago by Maxi

The preview for creating e-mails or web pages

The preview function allows you to visually check the current processing status of your e-mail or website at any time.

Updated 2 weeks ago by Maxi

Using the correct image sizes

This article contains an overview of the individual image sizes for use in MATE CMS.

Updated 9 months ago by Ingo

The search function

In the following we will show you how you can use the search function within your MATE CMS to quickly and specifically search for information or, for example, specific guests.

Sven Frauen
Updated 1 year ago by Sven Frauen

Simple Filtering

MATE's filter function allows you to filter in a targeted manner and thus obtain a quick overview, for example of individual values within an attribute.

Christian Schulz
Updated 1 year ago by Christian Schulz