For Admins

Administrator's Guide to Setting Up Your MATE Account

Welcome to MATE! In order to be able to optimally adapt MATE to your conditions and wishes, we have compiled a small guide for you.

Updated 2 months ago by Ingo

General Account Settings

As admin you can manage your MATE account on the CMS start page under "Account Settings".

Updated 1 year ago by Maxi

Creating and changing users

As administrator of a MATE account, you can create new users with roles and different usage rights within the account settings.

Christian Schulz
Updated 1 year ago by Christian Schulz

Roles and permissions

Define your own roles with individual usage rights. This gives you the possibility to provide your users with more or less rights.

Updated 6 months ago by Maxi

Visibility groups

Visibility groups can be used, for example, to control departments or divisions and their users within an account.

Christian Schulz
Updated 7 months ago by Christian Schulz

App branding & App settings

Use your own corporate design in the MATE Guest List App Learn how to customise the design of the App for digital check-in.

Updated 5 months ago by Ingo

The event tags

When using tagging, the events on your event overview page can be filtered by specific keywords. You can find out how to create and use tags here.

Updated 18 hours ago by Ingo

Event overview page

With the overview it is possible to easily publish your events on your website.

Matija Vojvodic
Updated 3 months ago by Matija Vojvodic

Create and edit customised templates for email & websites

With the right template in your corporate design, your users can configure your event even faster and more efficiently. Learn how to create and edit templates in this article.

Updated 2 months ago by Ingo

Configuration of a printer

With MATE you have the possibility to print name badges (adhesive labels) quickly and easily at check-in. The following section explains how to set up the supported printers.

Updated 7 months ago by Ingo

Print labels for name badges

This article shows the different types of printers and print labels that work with MATE's current print function.

Updated 1 week ago by Ingo

Adding deletion rules to automatically delete subscriber data

In this article we explain how you can easily create a deletion rule and add it to an event.

Updated 1 month ago by Ingo