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Event status – Draft, Active and Archived Events

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In this article we will explain you how you can change status of your events and how having event status will help you manage your events more easier.

Your events can be in three different modes:

  1. draft
  2. active
  3. archived

Draft event

When you first create new event, your event will be automatically in draft mode. In draft mode you are creating your event campaign by depending on type of your event you use some of following MATE features: 

  • Defining event name, date, location, duration etc.
  • Creating event website
  • Creating event invitation email
  • Loading guest list
  • etc.

You should use draft mode to build your campaign and to review it before sending out invitations or making it available for public.

Website and email banner

When your event is in draft mode your event website and email will have draft banner on top of the event and you will be limited to sending your email to maximum 10 people. So if you want to send it to your email provider you can send it to yourself or to your team to review it. 

Draft event widget

In your event dashboard there will be event status widget and it will indicate that your event is in draft mode, when the event starts and registration ends, and depending on your company structure you will have possibility to change event to active or to archive it.

If you don't  have the rights to change event status, but your event needs to be reviewed and approved by someone else in your company, your event status widget will look like this: 

Active event

After you review and put it into active, you can send out your emails to potential guests. Your email invitations and event website won't have any draft banners and you will not be limited to 10 guests.

Archived event

When your event finishes and you want to store it without actually deleting it, its best to archive it. You will still be able to access it but it wont cluster your dashboard of currently active events.

Event without subscription or credit 

If you don't  have a yearly licence or single credit to activate the event your event status widget will give you information about it and also you will be able to purchase  single licence for the event directly clicking on "Buy a licence" button.

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