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Youtube livestream

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If you would like to stream a lecture for as many viewers as you like, this is very easily possible via Youtube livestreams. It is possible to access such a livestream via MATE. In this article you will learn more about this here.

Setup of a YouTube livestream

ATTENTION: Please make sure in advance that the set-up instructions presented here work for your YouTube version. You can find detailed instructions on live streams in YouTube here:

The following steps must be carried out:

  1. Create a YouTube account:
  2. Activate your channel for live streams:
    1. "allow live streaming (lasts about 24 hours)
    2. "Allow "embed live streams
  3. Install software for live streaming (e.g. Open Broadcaster Software):
  4. Connect the software to YouTube (in the Dashboard or in the Live Control Room you can make many settings):
  5. Start streaming: 

In the Live Dashboard at you will find the Share Link in the lower right corner, you can use this link in your confirmation/ticket email in MATE (instructions).

Embedding the YouTube Livestream

YouTube livestreams can be embedded on any webpage. This is done with the help of an iFrame.

You can either embed a current video or even permanently your own YouTube channel as a livestream. The channel always shows the current streamed video.

For better visualization you can see an example HTML code for embedding the channel here:


The CHANNEL_ID must be exchanged with the actual ID of the channel. This can be found here:

The code then only needs to be inserted into a webpage in the correct place.

Afterwards you can also use this webpage where the stream is embedded as a link in your confirmation/ticket email in MATE (instructions).

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