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The event tags

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With the help of tags, your events can be segmented - and for example filtered on your event overview page - according to specific areas of interest (tags).

NOTE: Tagging and event overview pages are optionally available to Enterprise customers as part of the Publishing Package.

1. Create external event tags (administrator)

To be able to create tags, please log into the CMS and click on Account Settings --> Event Tags in the menu bar on the left. Here you can add as many individual tags as you like via the button "Create event tags".

Selection and use of the event tags

Once the tags have been created in the account, you can now tag your event. You can find this setting either when creating a new event or under the event settings. You will find the selection in the drop-down menu under Tags. Changes are possible at any time.

Now just save the changes and the tags are attached to your event. Now it can be read out via the interface using tags and automatically grouped on your event overview page, for example.

The MATE event overview page with tags

MATE offers you a suitable interface as well as a client that clearly lists your active and selected events. This can be easily integrated into your own website. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of publishing your events with the appropriate tags. The following image shows an example of the customisable event overview with tags.

Find out more about the event overview page here.

2. Internal event tags

MATE simplifies the process around the management of events enormously. So it's no wonder that you accumulate a number of events over time. To keep a good overview you can use internal event tags.

Create internal tags

First log in to your account. Select "Account settings" > "Event tags" in the menu.

Click on "Create event tag" and select the option "Internal". This way you can organize your events internally, for example by assigning them to an event series or a presentation language.

Manage events using internal tags

To sort events by tags, select the list view and sort or filter in the "Tags" column.

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