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The field of action

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Using the action field, you can quickly and easily perform the most important actions in MATE for one or more selected guests or even for entire events.

The action field can only be opened after you have selected and marked the elements to be edited.

The action box within an event 

Within a specific event, you mark guests by placing a check mark in front of their first name. All selected persons are highlighted in green.

Now you can open the action field and select the desired action:

You are offered the following actions within a business event:

  • Export guest data
  • Delete guests
  • Edit guests
  • Open the email sending wizard
  • Generate invitation/ticket codes
  • Printing labels (BETA)

For more detailed explanations on how to edit individual guests and how to quickly edit multiple guests simultaneously using the action box, click here.

The action field on the CMS start page

The action field is not only available within an event, but also in your CMS start page with an overview of all your events. Here you can:

  • Delete events
  • Duplicate events
  • Edit Visibility Groups
  • Download statistics
  • Archive events

The procedure for marking or similar is identical to the procedure for the action field within a business event.

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