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The Dashboard for your event

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Once you have selected an event, you will automatically be taken to the dashboard. Here you have all relevant data available at a glance.

1) Navigation

Information about name and time of the selected event. "Navigation bar" to leave the dashboard.

2) Status bar

Status of the selected business event. The current status is displayed in green.

3) The guest list

Overview of the total number of guests, split into guests and accompanying persons. Buttons for guest import and export.

4) Emails

Listing of all created emails. Quick-Link to add more emails.

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5) Webpages

Listing of all created webpages. Quick-Link to add more webpage.

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6) Status overview

Status overview of all invited guests including the Send email button.

7) Status overview (by time)

Graphic display of the confirmations, sorted by date.

8) Check-in process

Graphical representation of the check-ins, sorted by date.

9) Check-ins

Status overview of all check-ins.

10) Countdown

Countdown to the start of the event.

11) Location

Information about the location including a link to Google Maps.

12) Anything missing?

Here you can give us feedback quick and easy.

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Sending emails (email dispatch wizard)

Postponing/ Cancelling of events