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Colors and Design

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Texts & Buttons for registration

With the help of this template you can define all important information for the registration of your guests. The following information is requested:

  • Note text for code entry. 
  • Placeholder name of the code entry field
  • Name of the button for code confirmation
  • Note if code is unknown

You can set a notification in the following situations of a guest registration:

  • For a commitment. At this point you can, for example, insert a short sentence that confirms the acceptance.
  • When a guest cancels for an event. 
  • If a guest wants to register after the registration has already been closed - provided that you have not set a date in the "Registration Settings" module in the Web Page Generator under "Registration closes on".

Note that the system will suggest answers by default. You can keep these or change them as you wish. 

Title & Corporate Design

In the first step you define the page title for your login page. This is the tab name, which will later appear in the browser.

This module allows you to upload up to 3 logos and add a link to them if required.

Again, please note the pixel size specified by the system (image height 150 pixels), so that an optimal display of the logos on your registration page can be guaranteed.

Furthermore, you edit the corporate design of your website within this template, i.e. you define colour settings. Thus you assign on the one hand the main color of your web page for example your CI- color. This color defines links, buttons, but also program points and other design elements. 

You can also customize the color of the menu bar within this module. So you can determine whether an own background color is to be chosen and you can also decide on a font color and selection color of the menu bar. The selection color is the color that appears when the mouse touches the individual menu item within the bar or when this section of the website is currently open. 

As the next editing step, you have the option to customize content and modules like integrating the links to social media on your website. You can find more information here. 

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